July 26, 2017

Rick Singer Bio

Rick Singer is the CEO and Master Coach of the world’s largest private Life Coaching and College Counseling Company, The Key, www.thekeyworldwide.com is located in 81 cities throughout the US and 5 foreign countries working one on one with students and parents on devising a game plan for life. Over the past twenty years Rick Singer and his team have coached, counseled and mentored over 90,000 adults personally and professionally and guided high school and college students on the admission process to either attain an undergraduate or graduate degree in every field imaginable.

Over ten years ago Mr. Singer left the business to explore other opportunities. He became one of the nation’s top executives in the Call Center Industry. Rick became a senior executive at The Money Store/First Union Bank running the retail banks call centers, Executive Vice President of the nation’s largest publicly traded call center company West Corporation and CEO of one of India’s largest call center companies before selling to ICICI Bank.

The Key has developed a life-coaching model that is delivered both one on one in a client’s home or office and via the telephone/Skype. The Key’s clientele is all referral based; consequently, the quality of the service provided to many of the world’s most renown families and individuals has provided an incredible foundation for The Key to grow its offerings worldwide.

In 2000, Rick and three other educators created the first on line high school, The University of Miami On Line High School in which Rick and his team created a student population of over 18,000 students annually paying over $15,000 per year to attend until Kaplan College Preparatory purchased the rights. Soon thereafter Rick and his team took a significant position in Laurel Springs and helped them grow to incredible heights both from an enrollment but college acceptance perspective.

In Rick’s core business, The Key a new vertical is being launched with the advent of Morgan Stanley, Oppenheimer Financial, UBS and PIMCO want to utilize the life coaching model for employee’s, private wealth management clients and executives as a corporate benefit.